Entry #1

A word about my audio reviews

2010-02-04 01:13:59 by UglyDucklin

I love music. I am an aspiring musician my self and I value highly the opinions of others. Because of that, I listen to, rate, and review alot of material on newgrounds (or I am trying to). The object is to help my fellows improve as musicians with the knowledge I have obtained.

For those of you I have reviewed, know that I listen to each song at least 3 times before I write the review to ensure I know the piece and am not selling you short. I vote low compared to most users, but I vote honestly and for the betterment of your music.

I hope to post some of my own audio soon, although I am very critical of my abilities :) Once I can get over that they'll be up.

Have a good one, thanks for reading, and keep writing/creating music.


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